Steps required for proper updation of the software:-

1)First close the software which requires updation.

2)Download the new version of the software from the website.

3)The downloaded file is in a compressed zip format,extract the file.

4)In the extracted folder go to the folder which contains the new "exe" file and copy it.

5)From desktop right click the software icon which requires updation and select properties from the options that pop-up.

6)Click on "Find Target", a window appears containing old "exe" file.

7) Paste the new "exe" file in the appeared window.

8)A dialog box named "Confirm File Replace" appears, click on the "Yes" button.

9)The new "exe" file replaces the old "exe" file and thus "UPDATION" is complete.

10)Close all the windows opened and open the software.

11)The new version number appears on the status bar of the software.